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Sales and Commission Opportunities
for Aura Camera Owners

Dear Coggins Aura Camera Owner,

Progen/Aura Imaging is happy to offer you lucrative sales opportunities with the AuraCam 6000. At the many shows and retail stores where you can take Aura Photos, you will encounter people who are interested in expanding consciousness and in purchasing a Coggins AuraCam 6000 or WinAura Video System.

To receive a $1000 commission on an AuraCam 6000, simply refer all interested persons to us at Progen/Aura Imaging. If an Aura Camera is sold from your referral, you will receive a check for $1000, or $1000 towards warranty modules or other upgrades.

To receive up to $520 towards a WinAura Video System, please register your contact with us. You will receive a 10% commission of the price for each individual system. Prices on the different programs vary.

All contacts must be registered with us at our sales office. We must have the full name, address and telephone number to enter into the computer. Click here to contact us for more information; either by email, phone or fax.

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