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Warranty Module Program

The Warranty Module, which looks like a large hearing aid battery, fits into the back of the handsensor inside a small, gold coloured, round-shaped cylinder. This little module contains a powerful memory lattice that serves a variety of purposes. First, it regulates the Compensation Factor System, whose function is to ensure accuracy in your aura photos. That is, this system will account for climactic conditions, ion density, air pressure, humidity, and temperature. It allows for compensation so that humid, dry, hot or cold air, or social pressures like a crowded noisy room will not affect the resulting aura photo colors.

Secondly, the Warranty Module counts each photo as you are taking them; this allows you to keep track of how many photos you have taken. By pressing the black mode button on the handsensor once, a status report will come up through your computer printer showing you the number of photos you've taken and how many photos you have remaining on your module. When your 500-count Warrenty Module runs out of pictures, you will need to buy another module in order to keep your camera working.

Special deals are also avaliable with the Warranty Module. The one-year warranty that originally came with your purchase of the AuraCam 6000 will actually be renewed if you purchase Warranty Modules at least once per year. When you purchase modules, you also accumulate points towards upgrades, software, free service and other accessory products for your AuraCam 6000. For each Warranty Module purchases, we apply 50% of the price towards the purchse of upgrades and companion products.

Warrenty Modules are sold in 200-count, 500-count and 1,000 count sizes for $400, $1000 and $2000, respectively.

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