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Aura Imaging - Susanna Coggins Susanna Madden

Susanna Madden

Susanna and a customer

Hello, I'm Susanna Madden, your customer representative for Progen/Aura Imaging, manufacturers of the Coggins Polaroid Aura Camera 6000, WinAura Video System, and mobility aids for the handicapped. So much has been happening here lately. Guy Coggins, the inventor of the Aura Camera, and president of Progen/Aura Imaging has been hard at work in research and development and has produced an exciting new digital addition to the Aura Camera 6000, real time Aura Imaging that follows your movement, WinAura, the living Aura, the finest laptop compatible, patented Aura Imaging system available.

Using WinAura, you can:

  • Add new dimensions to your ability to evaluate your friends and clients.
  • See the aura actually follow your physical movements and changing like a movie in real time on your computer or TV screen. This is the only system that shows the aura following your movement.
  • Record your aura onto videotape for future viewing.
  • Print your aura image from your computer printer. You can print a small or large photo portrait print with an analytic report in your choice of several languages. It's easy to translate into your own language.
  • Print a full body chakra photo print with analytic chakra report.

As a special to customers who purchase the Coggins Polaroid Aura Camera 6000, we will include a version of the WinAura software, a $4,000 value, absolutely free. You will also receive everything we manufacture, all the latest innovations in Aura Imaging technology, with free future upgrades and software programs.

We are thrilled that the Coggins Aura Camera now resides in one of the worlds' very first alternative medicine wings in a traditional hospital in South Africa. We have sold our cameras into more than 32 countries including China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Europe, Australia, Brasil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas and many more.

We are putting a great deal of time and energy into our promotional campaign educating the public about the human electromagnetic field or aura. We have booked many Coggins Aura Camera owners on nationally broadcast TV shows including Strange Universe, Hard Copy, Extra, The Home And Family Show, The Crook And Chase Show With Sam And Dorothy, The Tonight Show, World Youth News, PM Magazine, US Techno Slams, and so forth. The Coggins Aura Camera has also appeared on TV shows all over the world.

There have been hundreds of articles published about our technology in many national magazines and news papers including Time, Fate, The New York Times, The London Times, Inner Self, New Woman, Mirabella, Elle, Marie Claire, Kindred Spirit, Whole Life Times, Gnosis, The Photographic Society Of America, Wired, The National Examiner, The National Enquirer, London's Cahoots, Concepts In Human Development, The Phoenix, To Your Health, The Psychic Reader, See, Esoterica, and we are still working on more.

With the new millenium already upon us, public interest in auras is soaring. Aura Camera owners are now successful at more general interest events like beauty shows and state fairs. The mainstraeam media is also hot on doing shows and stories about auras and the Aura Camera. We are also working on several new books on auras including a revised edition of our best selling Aura Awareness.

I've also included a book list here with the best books I've found on the subjects of auras, color analysis and the chakra system. I also carry a few out of print titles not listed, just ask me about them if you're interested. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions, need more information or if you would like to order books and videos.

Thank you,
Susana Madden

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