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Photo Examples

Here are some examples of Auras taking from our AuraCam 6000 or from WinAura. These images came straight out of a AuraCam 6000 or from WinAura, and have not been edited or touched up!


energetic, passionate, aggressive

energetic, creative

energetic, creative, stable

tired, burned out, needs recreation

outer aggression, tendency to ignore conflicts

calm inner mind, but active on the outside

burning, passionate,sexy

innerly active, appears to be calm but isn´t

strong and creative, inner self, body quite stable

many influences, easily distracted


powerful, creative inner mind

on the move, active

appears to be still and calm on the outside, but with strong creative inner activity

strong physical creativity - but can also be easily excited. strong stimulating impression from the outside - appears to be relaxed to the outside

on the move and changing, but communication is directed to the inward - or throat

quite creative inner being, appears to be emotional and friendly

quite creative inner being, aroused by the outside stimulus


warm, sunny, loving and enjoying life

sunny inner self which is also expressed to the outside, sense perception might be psychic

very communicative in expression and impression, but might be afraid of conflicts, trying to avoid them

bright, communicative, but also stable, sticking to the own goals but open for new experiences

Open and healing, stabilizing, very calm in his inner center

strong physical creativity and communication - but can also be sexual. - strong stimulating impression from the outside - appears to be relaxed to the outside


bright, communicative, but also stable, sticking to their own goals but open for new ones





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